Real Estate Law

The Law Offices of Joshua F. Pompilus, P.C. (“JFPPC”) has extensive experience representing individuals and developers in the purchase and sale of homes, commercial property, condominiums and land. Real Estate matters can be complex to understand if you do not have a clear understanding of the process involved. After all, not everyone is dealing with buying and selling of real estate property every day. In most circumstances, people hire a real estate agent who takes care of the contracts and documents in purchase or selling of property. However, it is highly advisable to consult a real estate lawyer who can work for you and see that your interests are rightly protected. If you are a developer, buyer or a seller we can help:

• Convert residential or commercial property or apartment complexes into condominiums;
• Collect past due association fees; 
• Negotiate, Review & draft the Purchase and Sale agreement; 
• Discuss and review mortgages, foreclosures, and title examinations; 
• Analyze all possible options for your real estate problems/issues; 
• Handle title issues that arise and attend closing.

We keep our clients informed and their interested protected throughout the process!

JFPPC also represents mortgage companies throughout the state for both commercial and residential mortgages. We are authorized agents of Chicago Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company. Our full range title insurance products includes both owner and lender policies. We perform closing transactions throughout the commonwealth. At JFPPC, we do not simply do closing at our office. We also perform closings at the Registry of Deeds, the borrower’s house, or at any location that is convenient for all parties involved.

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